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North Coast Aysén / Route Cordillera:

North Coast Aysén / Ruta Cordillera: Quellón - Melinka - Raúl Marín Balmaceda - Santo Domingo- Melimoyu - Puerto Gala (Isla Toto) - Puerto Cisnes - Puerto Gaviota (Caleta Amparo) - Puerto Aguirre - Puerto Chacabuco. :
Sernatur de Aysén, website, and tourist guide Marcelo Moraga.
The Aysén Region is known as the “Reserve of Life” because of its wild nature and for being the country’s more important source of fresh water. One of the main activities that can be done here is fly-fishing in Elizalde, La Paloma and Riesco lakes. Also, you can go kayaking or rafting on Simpson, Manuales and Blanco rivers, or simply to enjoy the landscapes while trekking or bicycle touring through the native forests. In winter you can ski, if you like the snow. In the vast land of Aysén Province, it is surprising the fragmented coastal relief which gives origin to a great many islands, archipelagos, fjords and channels. In the coast and austral waters inhabit a wide array of marine species, as sea lions, seals, leopards, and austral whales. In the area of Corcovado Gulf, around Melinka, commune of Guaitecas, you can sight blue whales, the biggest animal of the world, which is in danger of extinction. The territorial dismemberment makes of the sea route an important access alternative for visitors arriving to Puerto Cisnes, Puerto Aysén and Puerto Chacabuco. They can be accessed by air through Balmaceda Airport, located 55 km to the southeast of the capital region, Coyhaique. If you are travelling by land, you can access by the north of the national territory through La Junta, and from Argentina by the border crossings of Coyhaique Alto, Balmaceda and Jeinimeni. At the commune of Puerto Cisnes, it is recommended to cover the settlements of Lago Verde, Raúl Marín Balmaceda and La Junta, where you can do horseback riding, rafting, kayaking and agritourism. ROSSELOT LAKE is perfect if you like sport fishing. Further south, you will find Puerto Puyuhuapi, which is a locality noted for its German architectural influence, its famous carpet factory, its craft brewery, PUYUHUAPI HOT SPRINGS and VENTISQUERO HOT SPRINGS, since the area is just 20 km away from QUEULAT NATIONAL PARK, where you will admire the HANGING SNOWFIELD, called Ventisquero Colgante in Spanish. From The Austral Road you can access to LAS TORRES LAKE NATIONAL RESERVE, MAÑIHUALES NATIONAL RESERVE, TRAPANANDA NATIONAL RESERVE, and SIMPSON RIVER NATIONAL RESERVE. When arriving to Puerto Aysén, you will find a commune mainly constructed in native wood. You will enjoy a trip to the fishing cove Puerto Aguirre, admiring the fjords, islands and channels of the coastline of the region. It is just 4 hours sailing, and it is very picturesque, quit and safe. Addressing to Puerto Chacabuco from Puerto Aysén, you can visit the AIKEN DEL SUR PARK, which is a privately owned park with a visitor center, arboretum and thatched arbor next to RIESCO LAKE. Going further you will get to the main port of the region, Puerto Chacabuco, where ferries and cruises going to San Rafael Lagoon National Park arrive. There, you can admire its famous snowfield, located 75 km to the south of Coyhaique, and you will have the opportunity to taste the thousand-year-old ice of San Rafael Glacier. You can also set sail in a craft close to the San Rafael Snowfield to hiking the 5 km long trail through the evergreen forest that can be observed due to the ice backing down. Further south, there is Coyhaique, a major city which concentrates the biggest shopping and distribution center of the region, plus the Patagonian gastronomy in which lamb barbecues stands out. Among its tourist attractions, there are the COYHAIQUE NATIONAL RESERVE next to the Simpson River, the REGIONAL MUSEUM OF PATAGONIA, the Monument to the Shepherd, the Pentagonal Square, the arts and crafts fair and the pedestrian walk of Horn Street. If you like it, you can do different types of tourism in the region: Fly-fishing, trekking, nautical tourism, scientific tourism, among others. For more information we recommend you to visit

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